OnlyPure™ was founded by a passionate group of business leaders who combined their love of natural, healthy CBD oil products with their experience in setting up and running a business. Our philosophy is to excel in everything we do. Our goal is to promote your health by producing the best possible pure CBD oil products from Colorado.

It is this focus on quality that makes OnlyPure™ successful and sets us apart from our competitors. As a local Colorado business that is loyal to its employees, we have hired the best people and only use the finest US-grown, US-processed CBD oil in our products. We produce the highest-quality CBD oil products you can possibly find on the market!

Why OnlyPure™ CBD Oil?

With so many providers of CBD oil products, you may wonder what sets us apart from the rest. Sure, we’re passionate about our work and believe in our products, but these are hardly quantifiable properties, right?

What is quantifiable is our CBD oil’s potency, purity, and transparency.

We have a confession to make. We’re borderline paranoid about making the best CBD oil products in the world. So, we engaged in a little experiment. We hired a third-party lab to test several CBD products made by our competitors. To our shock, nearly all of them came back with heavy metals, pesticides, or a lower-than-advertised level of CBD. Which is why we now offer a guarantee on all our products. A triple guarantee, in fact.


We believe you should get exactly what you pay for. And that lets us be so sure of our product’s potency, that we guarantee it.


A staggering majority of all hemp used for CBD products in the US is imported from China—with no quality controls or guarantees of purity. OnlyPure™ only uses full-spectrum CBD oil from a local Colorado company, which uses exclusively the finest, non-GMO hemp flowers, harvested by certified local hemp farmers.

We know where each stem and flower that goes into our CBD oil products came from. And we test multiple times at various stages in the production process to ensure that no contamination has taken place. That is how we can guarantee that OnlyPure™’s CBD oil products only contain the finest CBD oil, free from heavy metals, toxins, or pesticides.


We test our CBD oil products repeatedly during the production stage, but what do we do with the test results? Do we bury them in a drawer where no one can see them? Not at all. So committed are we to transparency, that we publish the test results for every single product we have ever produced online for all to see. Simply go to our website, match the lot number on your box with a test result, and see for yourself!

That is why OnlyPure™ CBD oil products will give you the best of CBD to keep you healthy, strong, and positive. And that’s a guarantee.

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