OnlyPure™ CBD oil tinctures come in two forms:

  • 900 mg CBD Tincture, with 30 mg CBD per serving
  • 1500 mg CBD Tincture, with 50 mg CBD per serving

OnlyPure™ CBD oil tinctures are designed with a built-in dropper, letting out one drop at a time. The built-in dropper means that you will always take the required dosage. They don’t need any preparation, so you can easily incorporate them into your routine: take under the tongue or dropped into a hot drink.

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The Advantages of CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures offer many advantages to other methods of taking CBD oil. The combine a speedy effect with high absorption, especially if you use them sublingually (by placing a few drops under your tongue). This is because they then enter the body through the blood vessels under your tongue. This way, the tincture acts fast (as fast as 15 minutes) and does not enter the digestive system, which allows the CBD to be absorbed and distributed in a consistent, fast, and stable way.

OnlyPure™ CBD oil tincture is highly potent because it is concentrated: a few drops are sufficient for helping with most ailments. They are also easy to use. Just put a few drops under your tongue and leave them for a few seconds before swallowing. Alternatively, add a few drops to your food or mixed with your drink.

Where Does Our CBD Oil Come From?

Our OnlyPure™ CBD oil tinctures use full-spectrum CBD oil provided by one of the finest US CBD Oil producers, General Processing. It is produced in Colorado using only the best hemp flowers produced by local hemp farmers. General Processing extracts its CBD oil in its Colorado facilities, using ethanol. Its CBD oil complies with US law requirements, which states that full-spectrum CBD oil must have less than 0.3% of THC. This means that the CBD oil which goes into our formula is non-psychoactive and fully legal. You can now enjoy all the natural benefits of hemp, making OnlyPure™ CBD oil tinctures absolutely safe for use.

Stringent testing throughout the production process ensures that the CBD oil we use is free of heavy metals and pesticides. It comes from non-GMO hemp and is tested both locally and in a third-party lab, specifically certified for cannabis by-products, to ensure its purity and effectiveness.

Why OnlyPure™ CBD Oil?

There are many providers of CBD oil, so what sets us apart from the rest? Well, it’s not one but three things, really: our guaranteed potency, purity, and transparency.


We have tested dozens of CBD products that claim to be “100% Natural.” We don’t test for “naturalness”--we test for potency. And you know what? We’re extra cautious, so our products generally have just a little more CBD per serving than the label says. We do this because if there’s an error in the potency, let it be on the side of being a little extra. So sure are we of our product’s potency that we guarantee it--in writing.


Did you know that farmers in many countries have traditionally used hemp to soak up any undesired heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins from the ground? How would you like it if they then sold you this contaminated hemp to make CBD oil out of it?

A large amount of all hemp used for CBD products in the US is imported from China--with no quality controls or guarantees of purity. The hemp used in OnlyPure™ products, however, is 100% USA grown and processed.

To ensure its purity, we test multiple times at various stages in the production process. Are you worried about heavy metals and pesticides in your CBD oil? With OnlyPure™’s CBD oil, you needn’t be. We guarantee it.


We wanted to know how we’re faring compared to our competitors, so we hired a third-party lab to check their CBD oil. Nearly all of them came back with heavy metals, pesticides, or a lower-than-advertised level of CBD. This is simply unacceptable to us, so we have implemented the highest standards for our customers.

So committed are we to transparency and delivering the highest quality product on the market, that we publish on our website the test results for every single product we have ever produced. Simply match the lot number on your box with a test result and never have to worry about a thing.

That is why OnlyPure™ CBD tinctures oil will give you the best of CBD to treat any related physical or mental problem, or just help keep you healthy, strong, and positive. We guarantee it.

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