Hemp oil is an excellent source of vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids. This makes it beneficial when consumed as a daily health supplement. Yet, some of hemp oil’s most profound benefits occur when you apply it topically.

Can Hemp Oil Be Used Topically?

Hemp oil is a versatile product with a wide range of uses, both for personal care and industrial purposes. Many people take hemp oil orally as a dietary supplement because it is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. However, hemp oil doesn’t just have to be ingested to benefit the body — it can also be topically applied.

In addition to the omega acids, hemp oil is rich in other nutrients that can help nourish and hydrate the skin. It is commonly used in skincare products such as lotions, creams, balms, and oils due to its moisturizing and soothing properties. Additionally, the antioxidants in hemp oil protect the skin from environmental damage and calm irritation.

Benefits of Topical Hemp Oil

Natural Moisturizer

Hemp oil is a fantastic moisturizer since it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These acids act similarly to the skin’s natural lipids, increasing elasticity and water retention. This provides added moisture to the skin and delays the signs of aging by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

The linoleic and oleic acids present in hemp oil also play an essential part in maintaining skin health and fighting the signs of aging. Unlike omega acids, these nutrients can’t be naturally produced by the body, making hemp oil as a moisturizer even more beneficial.

Promotes Skin Growth

Gamma-linolenic acid, a potent anti-inflammatory nutrient, encourages new cell generation and skin growth. Hemp oil also contains this supplement, and it helps keep the skin healthy and nourished. It also calms inflammation, redness, and irritation, including blemishes and rashes.

Balances Sebum Production

Hemp oil is similar to the natural lipids found in the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. It can help regulate sebum production, reducing the risk of clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Provides Antioxidant Protection

Hemp oil contains antioxidants like vitamin E, which can help protect the skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals. This may help slow down the aging process and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Maintains Hair Health

Many people also use hemp oil in their hair care regimen, which benefits their hair’s overall health and appearance. Hair is nourished and moisturized due to the omega fatty acids, ceramides, vitamins, and minerals contained in the oil, promoting thicker, healthier hair and preventing damage and breakage.

The lipids present in the oil increase the elasticity of each hair, as well as its volume and shine. Furthermore, hemp oil contains 25% protein and encourages the creation of keratin, which are both vital for new hair growth. Finally, massaging hemp oil onto the scalp reduces inflammation while stimulating new hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp.

How to Use Topical Hemp Oil

Topically applying hemp oil is easy: it can be massaged directly into the skin. This is particularly effective for irritated or dry patches of skin that require immediate relief. For acne, however, it is recommended to apply a layer of hemp oil directly to clean, dry skin, leave for one to two minutes, and then rinse off using warm water. However, it’s always worth doing a patch test first to avoid the risk of an adverse reaction – this is a simple procedure involving applying the hemp oil to a small skin patch and waiting 24 hours. If there is no redness, swelling, or irritation, it’s safe to use.

Hemp oil can also be combined with other therapeutic, anti-inflammatory ingredients and applied directly to the skin. Coconut oil or essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, or rosemary are popular choices, as they are beneficial for the skin, too.

Regarding hair, hemp oil can be applied directly to the hair as a pre-shampoo treatment and left for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. Alternatively, it can be mixed with other nourishing ingredients, such as avocado or coconut oil, and used as a mask that can be left on overnight if desired.

Due to the recent rise in popularity of hemp oil, many pre-mixed products cater to skin and health care and are marketed as such. These include face and body moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and scalp treatments. They can be found in health stores, some grocery stores, and from reputable sources online.

OnlyPure CBD Topicals: A More Effective Solution

Although many people use hemp oil to treat a variety of conditions, the benefits of topical application of hemp oil are surface-level. In other words, hemp oil does not activate the body’s endocannabinoid system to provide short-term relief and long-term treatment in the same way that CBD products do.

Therefore, we recommend CBD products that use hemp oil as the carrier oil. This way, the benefits from both can be enjoyed simultaneously.

OnlyPure’s CBD Salve is an excellent solution for those needing a topical hemp oil product that contains all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD. To create it, we blend our Colorado-grown CBD with mango butter, shea butter, organic beeswax, and essential oils, including rosehip, geranium, lavender, and eucalyptus. These natural elements provide the perfect relief for skin irritation and other similar conditions.

To learn more about our full range of products and what makes OnlyPure CBD different from the rest, visit our website.